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About El Ghonemy Steel

El Ghonemy Company for steel and cement trade is one of  the biggest companies in El Ghonemy group, El Ghonemy For iron steel and cement trading is an Egyptian joint stock company . It is one of El Ghonemy Group , engaged is trading , supply and distribution of iron steel and cement to the major and medium- sized companies , as well as importing of rebar from around the world . El Ghonemy has avast experience , for more than 50 years , in the field of trade and manufacturing of iron steel and cement .

El Ghonemy tries to cover all the local market`s needs of the ( All Covernorates Of Egypt ) as well as the regional market ( The Middle East And Africa )


El Ghonemy Vision

Our vision is to maintain the fundamental presence of El Ghonemy name in the field of iron steel and cement trade and industry , in the arab Republic of Egypt and the Middle East and Africa.


El Ghonemy Mision

Our goal is to always satisfy our customers , which is considered as an essential motive , and we achieve this through maintaining the highest level of products and services to our customers , and attention to every detail.